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Bernard and PIG collect toys for TMH Children's Center

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After seeing the pediatric unit at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, second-year student Roddy Bernard was inspired to help the children it serves by filling a gap in toy donations -- often essential distractions -- that occurs during the summer. Bernard created The Mid-Year Holidays and set up a table in FSU's student union to collect toys and donations. 

"The purpose of this group is to spread joy to those who are less fortunate," said Bernard in a post on The Mid-Year Holidays' Facebook page. "Specifically, we are trying to remind children that no matter how hard their battle against an illness may be, there are people outside their family who care and support them."

A week after he began working to collect toys, Bernard received help: The Pediatric Interest Group agreed to collaborate with The Mid-Year Holidays.

Between April 7 and April 29, Bernard and PIG were able to collect and deliver 194 toys to the pediatric unit at TMH.