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Summer research fellows selected

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April 2016

Summer research fellows have been announced for 2016, with 13 students selected to receive a $2,500 award to conduct research under a faculty mentor. The students selected, their mentors and research topics are:

  • Hana Ahmed (Nabiha Yusuf), “Impact of Ultraviolet Radiation on Human Skin Microbiome.”
  • Nadia Akhiyat (Gerry Maitland), “Tai Chi Integrated with Whole Body Vibration in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease.”
  • Bianca Alvarez (Pradeep Bhide and Deirdre McCarthy), “Dopamine Neuron Development in a Mouse Model of Early-Onset Generalized Dystonia.”
  • Eric Crespo (Daniel Kaplan), “MCM2 in Colorectal Carcinoma Cells.”
  • Daniel Farinas (Branko Stefanovic), “Effects of New Experimental Drug C9 on Liver Steatosis Using Rat NASH Model.”
  • Elizabeth Ichite, pictured at right (Rob Glueckauf), “A Preliminary Evaluation of the Permanence of Effects of the ACTS 2 Training Program.”
  • Lindsey Laux (Les Beitsch), “Types and Prevalence of Worksite Wellness Programs in Florida.”
  • Ioannis “Alex” Malidelis (Heather Flynn), “Effectiveness of a Computer-Assisted, Patient-Centered Perinatal Depression Screening Tool.”
  • Conor Malloy (Elena Reyes), “Primary Care Interventions for Childhood Exposure to Toxic Stress.”
  • Maria Raye Anne Ng (David Meckes), “Exosome-Based Biomarker Discovery for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease.”
  • Devan Patel (Cathy Levenson), “Use of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury: Uncovering Novel Mechanisms of Action.”
  • Adhish Singh (James Olcese), “Proteomic Analysis of Neuronal-Derived Exosomes of Geriatric Alzheimer’s Population.”
  • Jessica Warrick-Imrisek (Amy Wetherby), “Engagement of Primary Care Physicians and Families in Early Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder.”