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Officers elected to Medical Student Council

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In the days leading up to spring break, registered student organizations held elections for the 2016-17 Medical Student Council. The former president, Arnold Abud, announced those chosen:

  • President Eric Crespo (seen right).
  • Vice President Andrew Kropp.
  • Treasurer Liz Ball.
  • Secretary Tyra Brune.
  • Congress of Graduate Students Officers David Aung-Din and Nick Garson.

What distinguishes the council from other student organizations is its ability to act on behalf of medical students within the university’s Student Government Association and the Congress of Graduate Students. It has the authority to initiate resolutions within these student governing bodies. The council also helps determine funding for student activities and oversees all other medical registered student organizations.

Some of the council’s activities include hosting speakers at the college, sending students to conferences and funding students’ academic and community projects. In the fall, the Medical Student Council held its 10th Annual Residency Fair to familiarize students with residency programs around the country.