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Bruck receives NIH grant

Irina Bruck, a researcher in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, has received a $437,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health for her project, "Function and mechanism of the essential, Pol12 subunit of the eukaryotic Pol alpha-primase."

The three-year (R15) grant focuses on how errors in DNA replication can lead to cancer.

From her project summary:

" Human cells divide in order for the body to grow, and new cells are also generated to replenish dying cells. When cells divide, a copy of the genomic DNA is faithfully copied for each of the daughter cells, since genomic DNA is the blueprint for the function of the cell. Errors in DNA replication can sometimes lead to cancer. The protein that copies the DNA is called a polymerase, and humans utilize three different polymerases to copy genomic DNA. One of the polymerases, the first one to act, is called DNA polymerase alpha-primase. We are studying how DNA polymerase alpha-primase functions in the cell to copy DNA. This research has important implications for cancer research, and it also provides an excellent training opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students."