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Editorial: Newtown Clinic a Win-Win-Win

By Community Board member, Dr. Washington Hill

This is a win-win-win for all involved: Florida State University College of Medicine, Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System and Sarasota’s Newtown community.
The health care will be provided by Florida State University College of Medicine internal medicine residents, supervised by Sarasota Memorial Hospital internal medicine physicians and attending doctors.
A diverse group of 13 residents from around the world and six attending physicians and faculty are already caring for patients in the hospital and in local outpatient and physician practice settings. All are sensitive to the complex needs of the Newtown community’s patients. This will be a comprehensive, three-year internal medicine training program.

There are far too few residency programs in Florida for medical students to attend upon graduation and opportunities to stay and practice in Sarasota and Florida. This program will help alleviate that problem.
It is a win for Florida State University College of Medicine, which is always striving to educate medical students and residents to be the best they can be.


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