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Professor Kapp Quoted in an NBC News Article About a Florida Teen Posing as a Medical Doctor

Professor Kapp was quoted in an NBC News article about a Florida teen accused of pretending to be a medical doctor.

Via NBC News
The young man accused of posing as a medical doctor had received his doctorate "from the online Universal Life Church Seminary, according to documents released by the Florida Department of Health. The degree in divinity can be bought from the site for $29.95.

"You will legally be entitled to use the title Dr. in front of your name and D.D. after your name," the website says.

But having that divinity degree appeared to be a cover for "Dr. Love."

"A lot of people don't know the difference when someone says 'doctor,' whether it's between a doctor of divinity and a doctor of medicine," said Marshall Kapp, director of Florida State University's Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law."

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