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Professor Kapp interviewed by WUSF News: BayCare-United Fight Spurs Call for Transparency, Mediation

After the interview, Professor Kapp is quoted saying:

Marshall Kapp, director of the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law at Florida State University, says BayCare and United might simply be doing what they must to survive financially.

"There's an old saying: 'No margin, no mission.' If you can't stay in business," Kapp said, "you're not doing anybody any good. You can't serve anybody, so there is an obligation to maintain that financial viability."

It doesn't necessarily mean there is an ethical violation when patient health care coverage is disrupted, Kapp said.

To read the article, or listen to the audio recording, please click on the link below.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio.

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