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Are you a caregiver for someone with cognitive impairment? Want to participate in research?

We need you to help us with our research study!  


This study is being conducted by Antonio Terracciano, Ph.D.


Purpose: To study the behaviors of people with differing levels of cognitive impairments.

Who can participate? This study requires that both a person with cognitive impairment (participant) and someone close to them, such as a spouse or caregiver, be present to complete the study tasks.

Study Tasks: The participant's cognition will be assessed and they will have their blood drawn by a trained phlebotomist. The caregiver will complete an interview and surveys that include questions about the participant's behaviors. Receive $25 for completing the study's tasks.

Duration: One meeting that will last up to 90 minutes.

Where: The meeting can take place at a location such as your home or a common meeting space.

When will you be recruiting? Recruitment is ongoing.


If you want more information on how you can become a participant, please complete our Research Form or call (850) 644-5619.