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Ph.D. Students Receive Bryan W. Robinson Endowment Grants

On June 3rd, the 17th Annual Bryan W. Robinson Endowment Dinner was held at FSU. The Bryan W Robinson Endowment for the Neurosciences is the brainchild of Bryan Robinson, MD and Frank Davis, MD, founders of the Tallahassee Neurological Clinic. The Foundation was formed for the purpose of supporting education and research in neurology and neurosurgery. Each year, they award four grants of $1,500 and four honorable mentions of $500, in recognition of outstanding work in neurology research. This year, many of our own BMS graduate students were among those awarded.

Presenter and award winner from 2014 Research Awards:
Amanda Marie Dossat – Sex Differences in the Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine. Major Professor: Dr. Mohamed Kabbaj.

2015 Grant Applicants:
Joseph Bundy – Molecular correlates of pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease in the mouse brain. Winner of $1,500 Grant. Major Professor: Dr. Richard Nowakowski.

Lindsay Elvir – Effects of Sodium Valproate on Social Behaviors in Prairie Voles. Major Professor: Dr. Mohamed Kabbaj.

Kourtney Graham – Investigating the cellular and molecular pathways underlying schizophrenia using a genetic mouse model. Major Professor: Dr. Yi Zhou. Honorable Mention, $500 award.

Kristin Schoepfer – Sex Differences in the effects of subanesthetic ketamine in reversing isolation rearing-induced cognitive dysfunction. Major Professor: Dr. Mohamed Kabbaj.

Yiming Zheng – Regulation of autophagy and neuronal homeostasis by the microcephaly protein CDK5RAP2. Major Professor: Dr. Tim Megraw. Winner of $1,500 Grant.

BMS/COM Faculty on the Bryan W. Robinson Board include: Dr. Pradeep Bhide, Dr. Nancy Hayes, Dr. Tim Megraw, Dr. Charles Ouimet, Dr. Jacob VanLandingham, and Dr. Robert Watson.
Please visit their website to learn more about the foundation’s history and accomplishments.

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