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John E Agens Jr., M.D.
Education Director Geriatrics - Tallahassee
Profile (850) 644-2250
Main Campus
Debra S Andree M.D.
Clerkship Director Pediatrics - Orlando
Profile Orlando
Jonathan S Appelbaum MD
Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences and Laurie L. Dozier Jr., M.D., Education Director and Professor of Internal Medicine
Profile (850) 645-1227
Main Campus
George Bernardo M.D.
Clerkship Director, Family Medicine
Profile Daytona
Harold Bland M.D.
Professor and Education Director, Pediatrics
Profile (850) 644-2358
Suzanne Y Bush M.D.
Clerkship Director OB/GYN, Pensacola Campus
Profile (850) 494-5939
Suzanne L Harrison M.D.
Professor of Family Medicine & Rural Health
Director of Clinical Programs
Profile (850) 644-7029
Main Campus
Lawrence E Mobley M.D.
Clinical Professor. Psychiatry Education Director and Pensacola Regional Campus Clerkship Director of Psychiatry
Profile (850) 494-5939
Mark Stavros M.D.
Education Director/Clerkship Director Pensacola Campus, Emergency Medicine
Profile (850) 494-5939
Michael Sweeney M.D., FACS
Associate Professor
Profile (850) 645-9855
Main Campus