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Gail Galasko Ph.D.

Gail Galasko Ph.D.

Main Campus

Job Description

As course director of Systemic Medical Pharmacology, Dr. Galasko's duties include developing, coordinating and integrating the course curriculum, as well as teaching in both the pharmacology courses.


Dr Galasko is a Faculty Scholar in Pharmacology. She has 35 years of pharmacology teaching experience at several schools, including the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Virginia and Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. For the past 30 years she has developed curricula and directed and restructured pharmacology courses for medical, dental, and pharmacy students and nurse practitioners. She has participated in major curricular revisions and accreditation self studies and has improved teaching outcomes. She has acted as external examiner (advisor) to pharmacology programs in other schools, been thesis adviser for graduate students, and sat on student thesis committees.


B.Sc.(Hons), University of the Witwatersrand
M.Sc., University of the Witwatersrand
Ph.D., Queen Mary College, University of London
Post-doctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology


FSU University Service
Member, Faculty Senate Grievance Committee (2008–2009).
Member, Ad hoc Advisory Committee for Student Appeals (2007). FSU College Service
Member, Curriculum Committee (2007–present).
Chair, Woorking Party on Small Groups (2007–2008).
Chair 2010-2011/ Member, Faculty Council (2007–present).
Member, Year 1 and 2 Curriculum Committee (2005–present). FSU Department Service
Member, Bylaws Committee (2010–present).
Member, Executive Committee (2010–present).
Member, Teaching faculty Search Committee (2009–2010).
Service to Professional Associations
Secretary/ Vice Chair/ Chair, American Dental Education Association Pharmacology and Therapeutics Section (2002–2004).
Service to Other Universities
Chair, Rules and Procedures Committee, SIU - SDM (2001–2004).
Member, SIUE Faculty Senate (2001–2004).
Chair, SIU -SDM Research Committee (1996–2003).
Galasko, G. T. (2008–2010). Year 2 Director. FSU College of Medicine.


International Association of Medical Science Educators
New York Academy of Sciences
Royal Society for Chemistry

Research Focus

Throughout my academic career I have pursued research in "signaling", and have investigated both inter- and intracellular signaling mechanisms. For several years I have been involved in research on a novel family of signaling molecules, the inositolphosphoglycans (IPGs). IPGs are involved in numerous intracellular effects, the most widely documented being their effect on phosphorylation cascades. Understanding the effects caused by individual IPGs is important in understanding, at a cellular level, what goes wrong in certain disease states including cancer and diabetes mellitus. Research in this laboratory revolves around isolation, identification, and determination of action of IPGs.


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Xie, Y-F., Pflueger, M., Feng, S., Lin, S-X., Kwan, C., Galasko, G., Sessle, B., & Yu, X-M. (submitted). Locally released small (non-protein) ninhydrin reacting molecules underlie the difference in development of medullary versus spinal dorsal horn neurons in culture. Journal of Neurochemistry. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Galasko, G. T., Back, B., Wanda, P., & Baich, A. (2004). Human Gingival Fibroblasts in Culture Secretes IPGs with Mitogenic Effects into the Medium. J Dent Res, 83: Special Issue A, 1134.
Galasko, G. T., Hewlitt, M., McLeod, D., & Stoekel, D. (2003). Pinitol stimulates mitogenesis in human gingival fibroblasts. J. Dent Res, 82: Special Issua A, 0740.
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Galasko, G. T. (2001). The novel IPG insulin inhibitor, Fraction V3. stimulates apoptosisin fibroblasts. J. Dnt Res, 80, 227.
Galasko, G. T., Evans, C., Ward, C., & Galasko, C. (1999). Effects of insulin antagonist Fraction V3, on bome resorption. J. Dent Res, 78, 253.