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Informatics-Prescribing Medical Apps to Patients

Start Date: 02/06/2018
End Date: 02/06/2018
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Daytona Beach Regional Campus Building
Area: Daytona Beach Regional Campus
Event Type: Workshop
Audience: Clerkship Faculty
Description: Presenters: Nancy Clark, Terri & Dr. Joanne Saxour Objectives: • Identify current medical uses of apps in addition to medical reference which can be used by patients to improve or manage their health; to include healthy lifestyle, disease monitoring, measurement of adherence, disease management, research, and data collection. • Identify reasons for prescribing apps to patients, including the benefits and barriers to prescribing apps to patients • Describe how some practices and healthcare institutions are currently prescribing apps to patients and using the data collected by these apps. • Describe the FDA oversight of medical apps and devices that communicate with smartphone apps • List HIPAA and security considerations for smartphone app usage by patients • Describe ways EMRs are developing apps for patients and integrate data from other apps. Objectives: TBD

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