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Home Care Series

 Home Care Series

 On March 1, 2011, the Florida Department of Health, Office of Public Health Nursing hosted a satellite broadcast to provide the Home Care Series Train-the-Trainer course to over 430 registrants at 48 different sites.  The Home Care Series is designed to train trainers to teach community leads and other non-health care professionals how to prepare community members to shelter at home during a disaster.  The focus is on how to handle illness and provide basic home care to others during an emergency.  

Broadcast participants went beyond public health and included the members of the Florida Hospital Association, the Florida American Red Cross Chapters, emergency managers, Florida Department of Elder Affairs, and the Florida Association of Community Health Centers.  Additionally, several states were in attendance for the broadcast so that this course could be replicated in other states, further supporting preparedness and mitigation.  Copies of the broadcast are available upon request.  

The course presenters were Tommy Baker, Region 2 Special Needs Shelter Consultant, and Denise Heady, Region 4 Special Needs Shelter Consultant and Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinator.  It is through their talent and commitment that this broadcast was a success.  This satellite broadcast was developed and moderated by Ronnie Fetzko, RN, BSN, MPH, State Coordinator of the Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program.




Live Broadcast Part One
Live Broadcast Part Two
Live Broadcast Part Three

Q&A Handout

 For more information on the Home Care Series trainer resources, contact Ronnie Fetzko at 850-245-4444, ext. 3869 or email at

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