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Disbursement/Tuition Dates

Fall 2013  Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of   2016 Class of 2017
Check Financial Aid Status at   08/30/2013   09/06/2013    08/30/2013   08/30/2013
*Funds Available on FSU Card   09/05/2013   09/13/2013    09/05/2013   09/05/2013
Financial Aid Checks Mailed   09/05/2013   09/13/2013    09/05/2013   09/05/2013
Deadline for Payments or Deferments   09/06/2013   09/06/2013   09/06/2013    09/06/2013
Financial Aid Deferments Expire  10/11/2013  10/11/2013   10/11/2013   10/11/2013
Veterans Deferments Expire  10/11/2013 10/11/2013    10/11/2013   10/11/2013

* Students please be advised that it is possible for your financial aid to take up to 2 weeks for disbursement from the first day of classes. The dates above are target dates only; therefore, please have at least 2 weeks of finances available.



Garnet EMAIL Notice:  It is important that all students check their garnet email accounts at least three times a week. This email account is the official method by which the University will communicate with students concerning financial obligations.

Account Refund Setup:  In order for Student Financial Services to apply a student's financial aid to his or her tuition, a student must fill out an Account Refund Setup form. This form is available online at:

Disbursement by Mail and EFT:  Students receiving their disbursement by mail must update their address by the fourth day of the semester.  Please allow at least four business days for delivery.  Students receiving their disbursement by EFT (direct deposit) must open a SunTrust account by the fourth day of the semester.

Tuition Payment:  Tuition is due upon registration.  If payment is not made by the date indicated above, students will incur a $100 late payment fee.  Payments may be made in person at  A1500 University Center, Student Financial Services from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Cashiers may accept FSUCards, cash, personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks.  Payments may also be made online at  A $7.00 fee will be added to all online payments. 

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