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History of the CRN

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) at FSU’s College of Medicine was formally launched in the fall of 2010. It grew out of what has become a global emphasis on more health-related research during the past decade. In 2003, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – which leads the world in funding health-related research – launched its Roadmap initiative. Re-engineering the clinical research enterprise is a fundamental focus of this funding initiative, which is designed to translate scientific discovery into real health gains for the United States.

Concurrent with the NIH’s initiative, the Institute of Medicine has long advocated for academic health science centers to increase their emphasis on research that is clinically-focused, prevention-oriented and community-based. The American Association of Medical Colleges also has recommended that clinical research become part of medical student training, that more resources should be devoted to clinical research, and that medical institutions should form collaborations with community healthcare providers and practice-based research networks.

These collective calls at the national level to broaden the size and diversity of patient research populations underscore the community-based education model of the FSU College of Medicine and are consistent with the CRN’s approach to healthcare research. As one external consultant to FSU noted in 2007, the recruitment of strong research-oriented clinical faculty within the College of Medicine is one of FSU’s most important opportunities for growth.