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The Office of Undergraduate Advising & Outreach and Pre-College Programs at Florida State University College of Medicine provides academic advising and counseling to students interested in pursuing careers in the health sciences.

Call or visit to set up an appointment with a Health Professions Advisor or Outreach Coordinator to prepare for a career in the medical or health care field.

For questions or to schedule an appointment please call:

Our Address:
FSU College of Medicine
P.O. Box 3064300
1115 West Call Street, Suite 2140
Tallahassee, FL  32306-4300

Our Fax Number:


Administrative Assistants

Marveeta Golden
Health Professions Advising Office
Office: 850-644-7678

Angela Fienemann
Executive Assistant
Department of Outreach & Advising

Pre-Med and Pre-Health Advisors

CyNedra Flanagan
Health Professions Advisor
Office: 850-644-7678

Eric Crosier
Health Professions Advisor
Office: 850-644-7678

Outreach and SSTRIDE Coordinators

Roosevelt Rogers, III
Coordinator of Community Outreach Programs: Leon County
Office: 850-645-2819

Darel Robinson
Coordinator of Gadsden County Rural SSTRIDE Program
Office: 850-644-5329

Penny S. Eubanks
Okaloosa/Walton SSTRIDE Coordinator
Assistant Director
Cell: 850-830-9995

Program Evaluation

Aihua Wang
Evaluation Specialist
Office: 850-645-2307


Thesla Berne-Anderson, M.S.
Director of Outreach & Advising
Office: 850-644-7678

Trasetta Alexander
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Programs, Advising and Outreach
Office: 850-644-7678

Bridge Director

Helen Livingston, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
Division of Research and Graduate Programs
Office: 850-645-9228