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Course and Education Directors

Leadership in Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education

Academic Year 2016-2017


Year 1 Courses
> Course Directors > Assistant Course Directors
Medicine 1 Niharika Suchak, MBBS, MHS, FACP
Eric Laywell, Ph.D.
Curt Stine, M.D.
Lynn Romrell, Ph.D.
Doctoring 102 Curt Stine, M.D. Lisa Granville, M.D.
Doctoring 103
Curt Stine, M.D.
Clinical Neuroscience
Richard Nowakowski, Ph.D.
Histology and Cell Biology
Health Issues in Medicine 1
Clinical Physiology
Medical Biochemistry and Genetics
Summer Clinical Practicum
Year 2 Courses
Course Directors
Assistant Course Directors
Doctoring 201, 202
Christie Alexander, M.D.
Angelina Sutin, Ph.D.
Microbiology 201
Daniel Kaplan, Ph.D. David Meckes, Ph.D.
Health Issues in Medicine 2
Pathology 201, 202
Pharmacology 201 
Pharmacology 202
Year 3 Education and Course Directors
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Ed Mobley, M.D.
Community Medicine
Doctoring 3 and Longitudinal Clerkship
Year 4 Education Directors and Electives Administrator
Advanced Family Medicine
Advanced Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Electives Administrator