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Student Organizations

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED is a prestigious national honor society dedicated to the encouragment and recognition of excellence in health pre-professional scholarship. Our organization consists of pre-health students with a passion to learn about the healthcare field and a strong desire to give back to the local community.

Our mission is to provide you with resources and guidance to assist in successfully becoming a leader of the health profession. We understand that the process of being a pre-health student may seem intimidating; however, in AED you are surrounded with many students who share similar dreams and aspirations. In AED, we are one big family and the Executive Board works hard to make sure your journey is a s stress free and fun as possible!

Please take the time to explore our website and learn about the many things AED is involved with during the year.

Meeting Dates:
FSUCOM, Room 1200, 7:00pm

  • September 14, 28
  • October 12, 26
  • November 9, 30


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Goals and Aspirations of Pre-Medical AMSA:
Pre-Medical AMSA is a student-run organization who share the organization's national mission of advocating student awareness and activism within the field of health care. Pre-Medical AMSA also aims to provide information, support, and leadership development for future physicians in training. Students must apply for membership

Meeting Location and Dates: 

 Fall Meeting Dates and Locations (all room reservations have been approved):
*Note: Meetings for Fall 2016 will commence at 7pm and are held every other Monday.

Fall 2016 Meeting Dates
9/19 First AMSA meeting (Room 1306)

10/3 Second Meeting (Auditorium)

10/10 Third Meeting- Health Care Talk (Auditorium)

10/17 Fourth Meeting (Room 1302)

11/7 Fifth Meeting (Room 1306)

12/5 Sixth Meeting (Room 1306)

Spring 2017 Meeting Dates
1/30 First AMSA Meeting (Room 1306)

2/13 Second Meeting (Room 1302)

2/27 Third Meeting (Room 1302)

3/27 Fourth Meeting (Room 1302)

4/19 Fifth Meeting (Room 1306)

4/24 Sixth Meeting- Elections (Room 1306)


American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

The undergraduate alpha chapter of The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) provides a supportive environment for women seeking careers in medicine. To help members on their path AMWA provides resources that include workshops, speakers in the field, and encourages volunteering in the community.

Meeting Locations and Dates:
New Time for 2016-2017!  All meetings will be held from 6:30pm-7:30pm in room A101 in the Psychology Building, every other Tuesday on the following schedule: 

Falll 2016

September 13
September 27
October 11
October 25
November 8
November 29
December 6 - Banquet

Spring 2017 Date TBA


  • President: Julia Magill
  • Vice President: Megan Moore
  • Secretary: Jeanah Kim
  • Treasurer: Khaliah McMichael
  • Women's Health: Eileen Faradji
  • Communications/Public Relations: Monica Nemat
  • Book Cart Co-Chairs: Rebecca Carr
  • Freshman Outreach: TBA
  • Socials Chair: Megan Duffy
  • Joggin' in Your Jammies Chair: TBA
  • 26.2 with Donna Marathon Chair: TBA
  • Faculty Advisor: and 

Aspiring Medical Professionals(AMP)

 "The Aspiring Medical Professionals will provide an avenue for academic, professional, and social activities to the students taking Pre-Medical Professional coursework at The Florida State University. Our program will include and foster interaction between faculty and students across campus from the departments of Biological Science, Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences, Psychology, and the College of Medicine. The main goals of this organization will be to develop a mentorship program between upper and underclassman, facilitate academic and professional development of its members, and to promote undergraduate research and service."

Meeting Locations and Dates:
Room A-105 (Psychology Building)- 7:00pm


  • February 16, 22
  • March 2, 16, 30
  • April 13



Advocates for World Health(AWH)

Advocates for World Health is an FSU student organization that makes contacts with local hospitals, clinics, and other medical supplies donators. What we do is we take nearly expired, or expired medical supplies and we distribute them to relief agencies. These agencies work to help nations that are still developing and that may not have the appropriate medical care. The members of AWH have the opportunity to go on mission trips to these countries to help care for patients, and to deliver these supplies themselves. Members will also be presented with multiple volunteer opportunities, and they will make connections with other students that will be valuable to their future career endeavors.

Our adviser is Dr. Van Durme, who is the Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health. He is also the Director of the FSU College of Medicine Center on Global Health.


 Connecting Experimental Lab and Life Sciences (CELLS)

Connecting Experimental Lab and Life Sciences also known as CELLS promotes research for undergraduates and provides a social and professional network for students engaged in biomedical, clinical and social science research. CELLS at FSU will introduce and prepare undergraduate students for an exciting research experience by providing avenues for networking with research faculty. This organization offers workshops, mentoring, lab tours, service events, field trips, research symposiums, interactive discussions with research scientists and advice on internships and biomedical research careers.

Go to the CELLS homepage for details!

Meeting Locations and Dates:  FSU CoM Room 1301 - 7:00pm

Fall 2016
September 7
September 21
October 5
October 19
November 2
November 16 
November 30th - last meeting of the semester! 

Spring 2017
January 18
February 1
February 15
March 1
March 22
April 5
April 19


Contact us!  or look us up on Facebook  

Fundamentals of Observational Research and Career Experience(FORCE)

Fundamentals of Observational Research and Career Experience(FORCE) was created for the FSU pre-health student body to facilitate shadowing rotations and group visitations, as well as to enhance the professional knowledge of a pre-health student. Shadowing stimulates a relationship between a professional and a student, where the professional can answer the simple or more complicated questions of a pre-heath student. As a team, FORCE is dedicated to providing pre-health students with shadowing opportunities and professional experience.

Meeting Locations and Dates:

HWC2500 - 7:00pm

Spring 2015

February 3, 17

March 3, 17

April 14

Hands of Hope(HH)

FSU Hands of Hope is a newly recognized Registered Student Organization that prides itself in organizing consistent volunteering projects that are mainly aimed to provide assistance to people with disabilities. We are officially affiliated with the College of Medicine at Florida State University and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and have a variety of volunteering opportunities open within these and many other institutions that further reinforce our mission to integrate students with and without disabilities. Regular volunteering events include Stroke Awareness Group and Afternoon Bingo with patients at the TMH Rehabilitation Center, monthly Build-A-Ramps, and nursing home visits. We also host speakers from various health professions and hold social events

Meeting Locations and Dates

Room 1302 - 7:00 pm 


Health and Educational Relief Organization(HERO)

HERO activity participates in two medical mission trips a year to Guyana, South America and other third world nations. These trips are made possible by a team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and pre-health students who dedicate their time to serving those less privileged in need of medical care. During each trip, HERO provides not only medical attention to patients, but also works to bring the members of the community personal health education as well as literacy advancement programs for students. During the year while not on the medical mission trips, HERO actively fundraises and participates in various volunteer and service opportunities in the local Tallahassee community.

Meeting Locations and Dates

Room PDB 201 - 7:00 - 8:00 pm  


Health Occupation Students of America(HOSA)

Health Occupations Students of America is an organization catering to those students interested in a health care profession. HOSA at FSU participates in many volunteer opportunities, competitive events, and allows students to meet current health care professionals. The mission of HOSA is "to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community." To do that, HOSA participates in state and national leadership conferences where students attend workshops and interact with other students from all over the nation. Joining HOSA is a fun and rewarding way to gain knowledge of the health care field!

Meeting Locations and Dates

Room A101 PDB (Psychology Building), 7:00pm



Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE)

MEDLIFE stands for Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere. MEDLIFE Health at FSU is a pre-health organization that focuses on serving low income families both internationally and locally. Internationally, we help by attending mobile clinics three times a year (winter break, spring break, summer). Mobile clinics are made possible by student volunteers, MEDLIFE staff, and local physicians and nurses. Unlike most medical outreach trips, MEDLIFE ensures patient follow-up and strives to break the perpetual cycle of lack of infrastructure, education, and medical attention. Locally, we participate and organize multiple community service events per semester. "MEDLIFE is a network of medical professionals, motivated students, and trained staff who work together with communities in need to deliver better access to Medicine, Education, and Development.”


Meeting Dates & Locations:
All meeting will start at 7 pm

  • February 19 SSB 218
  • February 23, SSB 218
  • March 2 Oglesby Union 312,313
  • March 23 Oglesby Union 315
  • April 6 Oglesby Union 312, 313



Minority Association of Pre-Med Students

The mission of this organization is to enhance the recruitment of culturally diverse students into health-care fields, and to help members become more successful candidates for professional health and medical programs.

M.A.P.S. web site


Meeting Location & Dates:
CoM Room 1200 – 7:00pm

  • January 26
  • February 9, 23
  • March 9, 30 
  • April 20



Physical Therapy/Occupational (PT/OT Club)

Previously O.P.T.I.C.S.

A New Generation...A New Outlook on Medical Treatment.


Occupational/Physical Therapy Interactive College Students is an effort between the pre-physical/occupational therapy students of Florida State University to assist one another in preparation for graduate school. The club provides a means by which pre-physical/occupational therapy students can get to know each other and help each other with planning, GRE preparation, and physical/occupational therapy school applications. We will bring in practicing physical and occupational therapists, current physical/occupational therapy school students, and physical/occupational therapy school recruiters in order to help students understand the profession and gain knowledge of the physical/occupational therapy school admissions process.

Meeting Locations and Dates:
University Center D Room 1101 – 7:00pm

  • September 1, 15, 29
  • October 13, 27
  • November 10



Pre-Dental Society

The goal of the Pre-Dental Society is to teach students about the career of dentistry and provide them with the resources and knowledge needed to assist them in getting into dental school. This organization has a close working relationship with the Florida Dental Association and the Leon County Dental Association. A shadowing program has been established with the Dental Hygiene/Assistant school at Tallahassee Community College and the Leon County Health Clinic. Meetings are held twice a month and include guest speakers from dental schools and working professionals. All interested students are welcome to attend.

Meeting Location and Dates:
FSUCoM, Room 1302, 7:00pm

  • September 7, 21
  • October 5, 19
  • November 2, 16, 30


Website address:

Pre-Optometry Club

Pre-Optometry Club is for anyone who is interested in Optometry school, eyes, or the visual system. We have guest speakers, representatives from schools, local optometrists, opthalmologists, and researchers at meetings to explore more about the profession. We meet every other Tuesday in the College of Medicine room 1301. Club members also have many opportunities for unique activities such as volunteering at the Tallahassee VA Outpatient Eye Clinic, shadowing local Optometrists, and performing vision screenings at the Special Olympics!

Meeting Location and Dates:
FSUCoM, Room 1301, 7:00pm

  • September 13, 27
  • October 11, 25
  • November 8, 29
  • December 6



Pre-Pharmacy Informational Leadership Learning Society (P.I.L.L.S.)

The Pre-Pharmacy Informational Leadership Learning Society (P.I.L.L.S.) is a student organization created by six Florida State University students in the fall of 2003 for undergraduates who plan on pursuing careers in pharmacy. The goal of the society is to provide resources and opportunities to introduce undergraduates to the world of pharmacy. In addition, the society seeks to help its members become the most qualified applicants for pharmacy school.The organization also seeks to encourage community involvement and to present members with opportunities to serve the community through volunteer service. By adding depth to members’ understanding of pharmacy, P.I.L.L.S. constantly strives to make its members the best prepared and most informed applicants for the pharmacy program.

Meeting Location and Dates:
FSUCoM, Room 1303, 7:00pm

  • September 7, 21
  • October 5, 19
  • November 2, 16, 30



 Pre-Physician Assistant (PA) Club

This is an organization for students interested in a career as a physician assistant. Meetings will be monthly and held at the College of Medicine. The agenda will includes guest speakers from the community as well as representatives from academic programs.

Meeting Location and Dates:
FSUCoM, Room 1200, 7:00pm

  • September 13, 27
  • October 11, 25
  • November 8, 29
  • December 6


Please e-mail for more information.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Club at FSU is to provide a supportive and educative environment where students can expand their interests in veterinary medicine or animal-related fields. The students will be familiarized with the expectations associated with veterinary schooling, the profession and volunteer opportunities. Membership is open to all Florida State University, FAMU and TCC students and may be requested at any regular meeting. Please visit the "Pre-Veterinary Club @ FSU" on our Facebook page for more information!

Meeting Location and Dates:
FSUCoM, Room 1303, 7:00pm

  • September 14, 28
  • October 12, 26
  • November 9, 30



Pre Med Osteopatic Medical Association (SOMA)

Pre-SOMA at FSU is an affiliated chapter of the national Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association. We are dedicated to promoting the osteopathic tradition at Florida State University, and in the Tallahassee area, and to creating stronger, more knowledgeable students for entry into osteopathic medical institutions around the country. The chapter invites school admissions representatives, practicing physicians, and medical lecturers to speak at its meetings, and provides scholarships, shadowing and volunteering experiences, tutoring, and opportunities for meaningful leadership to its members.

Meeting Location and Dates: