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Marisa N Harness
Clinical Program Coordinator
(850) 645-3772
Cyndi Ranallo MS
Student Support Coordinator
(850) 644-2125
Lisa Robbins
Program Manager
(850) 644-1732
Shannon Shurtygin
Didactic Program Coordinator
(850) 645-3806

Principal Faculty

John P Bastin MHS PA-C
Assistant Professor, Clinical Education Director
(850) 645-7824
Katelyn Y Graves PhD
Research Faculty I
Michael Johnson DHSc, PA-C
Associate Professor, Associate Clinical Education Director--Pensacola
Thomas J Morgan Ph.D.
Teaching Faculty I
(850) 645-0264
Jeffrey S Nash MPAS, PA-C
Assistant Professor, Procedural Skills and Simulation
(850) 645-8940
Brigitta C Nuccio MPAS, CTTS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
(850) 644-2185
Aimee S Pragle MMSc, MSPH, PA-C
Assistant Professor
(850) 645-2632
Susan Salahshor PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA
Assistant Professor
(850) 645-8610
Benjamin J Smith PA-C, DFAAPA
Teaching Faculty I, Director of Didactic Education
(850) 644-2131
James C Zedaker MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA
Associate Dean and Founding Director School of Physician Assistant Practice Associate Professor
(850) 644-8462

Instructional Faculty

Michelle Arbeitman Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-9846
Leslie M Beitsch M.D., J.D.
Chair of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
(850) 645-1830
Ewa (Ava) A Bienkiewicz Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
(850) 645-7326
Michael Blaber Ph.D.
(850) 644-3361
Irina Bruck
Assistant Scholar Scientist
(850) 645-0238
Judy Delp Ph.D.
(850) 645-1868
Devon Graham Ph.D.
Research Faculty I
Akash Gunjan Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-6445
Jamila I Horabin Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-2820
Yoichi Kato M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-1481
Sanjay S Kumar M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-8336
Eric D Laywell Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-9817
Christopher A Leadem Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Division of Student Affairs & Admissions, Associate Professor
(850) 645-6475
Cathy W Levenson PhD
Timothy Megraw Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-9271
Michael Nair-Collins PhD
Associate Professor
(850) 645-6564
Antonia Nemec Ph.D.
Research Faculty I
(850) 644-0498
Richard S Nowakowski Ph.D.
Randolph L. Rill Professor and Department Chair
(850) 644-9219
James M Olcese Ph.D.
Mike Overton Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chairman; Curriculum Committee Chair
(850) 644-2717
Jose R Pinto Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-0016
Stephen M Quintero M.D.
Associate Professor, Medical Director of TMH Transition Center and Medical Director of School of Physician Assistant Practice
(850) 645-1226
Branko Stefanovic Ph.D.
(850) 644-7600
Robert J Tomko Jr. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences
(850) 645-1482
Daniel J Van Durme MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Clinical & Community Affairs; Professor & Chair, Family Medicine and Rural Health; Director, Center on Global Health
(850) 645-1539
Yi Zhou Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(850) 645-8217