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Statewide Research Patient Database Presentation

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On Friday, January 13, 2017 The FSU College of Medicine and the UF Clinical Translational Science Institute presented:

The OneFlorida Data Trust: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mining a Statewide Research Repository of 10 Million Patient Records

The OneFlorida Data Trust gives researchers access to the de-identified health records of more than 10 million patients across Florida for study feasibility determination, secondary data analyses as well as interventional studies involving patients who are identified through honest brokers and consent to participate in research. The Data Trust is part of the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, consisting of the FSU College of Medicine, the University of Florida CTSI, the University of Miami, 4,100 physician providers, 1,240 community-based practices, and 22 health care institutions, including Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Capital Health Plan, and Bond Community Health Center.

Presenters Betsy Shenkman, PhD, Co-Director of the UF Clinical Translational Science Institute and Co-PI for the Data Trust project, and Jiang Bian, PhD, Assistant Professor of Health Outcomes & Policy at the UF College of Medicine, gave an overview on the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium and the OneFlorida Data Trust, including how to prepare and submit data query requests to access the Data Trust. They were joined via webinar by UF colleagues Howard Xu, a data management analyst for the OneFlorida Data Trust and Bill Hogan, MD, Director of Biomedical Informatics at the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Director of Informatics for the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, and Co-PI with Dr. Shenkman on the OneFlorida Data Trust project. The PowerPoint presentation slides can be accessed through the below link.

The OneFlorida Data Trust Presentation