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OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium holds Second Annual Stakeholder Meeting

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The OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium held its Second Annual Stakeholder Meeting at Lake Nona on January 20. Research partners from across the state presented their successes and new research avenues to consider. Members also met in small groups to brainstorm research ideas, including use of the massive patient data repository of OneFlorida PCORnet.

The University of Florida and FSU were co-founders of the collaborative that led to the formation OneFlorida which includes the University of Miami. The FSU Clinical Research Network (FSU CRN) is a valued asset for many OneFlorida studies. The FSU CRN is most recently involved in HPV vaccination acceptance studies (NCI R21 funded) in community practices. Dr. Stephanie Satras (UF Principle Investigator), Dr. Michael Muszynski, (FSU Associate Dean for Clinical Research and Co-Principle Investigator), Michelle Vinson (Director of the FSU CRN), and Dr. Brittny Wells (FSU College of Medicine’s Department Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine) were authors on three research posters accepted to the scientific session of the meeting. Lori Drum and Jennifer Mauck, FSU College of Medicine Clinical Research Associates, were instrumental in conducting the studies.

The study abstracts can be found at 2017 Stakeholder Meeting Materials.

(Photo: Left to right, Dr. Muszynski, Dr. Stepahnie Staras, Michelle Vinson, Dr. Brittny wells, Lori Drum, Jennifer Mauck)