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New Faculty members of Gold Humanism Honor Society

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Juliette Lomax-Homier, MD (Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Regional Campus Dean – Ft. Pierce Regional Campus) and Kevin M. Sherin, MD, MPH (Family Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine - Orlando Regional Campus) arethe two newest faculty members of the FSU Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.

These two faculty were chosen from over 30 outstanding faculty members nominated by students in the Class of 2016 and were then selected by the GHHS Students in the class.

Selection criteria included:
• Consistently demonstrates compassion and empathy in the delivery of care to patients
• Serves as a role model—illustrates professional behavior for students and colleagues
• Shows respect for everyone (s)he comes in contact with
• Demonstrates cultural sensitivity in working with patients and family members of diverse ethnic or religious backgrounds
• Displays effective communication and listening skills
• Shows respect for the patient’s viewpoint
• Demonstrates exemplary service to others
• Adheres to professional and ethical standards
• Displays proficiency in clinical and scientific endeavors

These faculty will be inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society as part of the recognition ceremony for all GHHS members (and their families) from the Class of 2015 in the College of Medicine Auditorium on Friday May 20th at 2:30pm.